It was beautiful weather on Saturday, sunny and cool with a light NW breeze.  We sailed across the Bay to Tilghman creek to meet up with friends John and Carolyn on Windsong.  Our original plans were to stay out another night but predictions of strong storms and NW wind changed our plans.  We came back to our slip on Sunday and spent all day Monday and Tuesday working on boat projects:

  • We removed the fixed ports (windows) and replaced them.  The original ports were heavily glazed and impossible to see through.  It was the messiest job ever and involved great globs of black sealant that got everywhere!
  • Skip replace the gadget in the holding tank that lets us know when the tank is full — the old one was not reliable and the last thing we want to have is an overflowing poopy tank!
  • Skip went up the mast to replace the anchor light bulb and the shroud covers.  Basically, I raise him up and he’s at my mercy for letting him down!
  • I washed the sides of the boat.  We have to use special cleanser because of the blue paint.

This retirement life is exhausting!!