My last day at work was Friday (8/1)!!  To celebrate the occasion I had to eat some steamed crabs. We went by dinghy to Cantler’s where 1/2 dozen and a beer were just perfect.   On Sunday,  the breeze was NW so we sailed to Harness Creek on the South River.  The creek was packed with boats but as the sun set the crowd slowly disappeared and we were practically alone.  Monday morning was peaceful and quiet…it still feels like a vacation.

We headed back to Annapolis around noon and picked up a mooring.  It was fun just to hang around and relax.  Hot weather was in the forecast for Wednesday so we packed up and went home.  I have lots of projects to work on at home and need to ‘pace myself’ as Skip constantly reminds me.

I still find myself wanting to check my Blackberry — it really is an addiction!!!